How long does it take to deliver the product once I have made the order?

Usually after placing the order it takes some days (2 – 3) to get it delivered.

How will I know that my order has been placed?

If you place your order through our website, you will receive an order confirmation number in the email,
which you can use to get the position of the product ordered.

What to do if I want to find more information about the product?

The website includes a comprehensive list of details about the product. You can contact Khatryonline via phone or use our social media platforms (Facebook and YouTube) to address your queries.

Ph: +977 1 4379606

How to find out the price and Specification of the product?

All the important information about the product will be listed on our website.

How much is the warranty and guarantee of the product?

The warranty and guarantee of a product if any will be featured on our products description.

Where can I find the New Arrival?

We feature certain New Arrivals on the home page of our website. Furthermore, our social media platforms are constantly updated on the new products we feature on the website.

Can I view the product before ordering?

We are an online ecommerce store; hence all of our products can only be viewed online. However, our website has a zoom-in feature and exchange policy to ensure have informed and easy purchase experience.

What is the delivery cost?

The delivery cost of the products is based on the weight of the product and the location of where the ordered product needs to be delivered to.

If you have any questions do contact us at : +977 1 4379606

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